Street - DTLA Pt.2

Take 2. 
The second batch of photos for you all to see. I am wearing my DTLA fashion district mesh top with my baggy pants that I picked up at our HauteLook sample sale. I cannot believe I almost did not purchase these! I had a bit of a push from some coworkers. Thanks to them, I have a pair of comfy pants I can live in. The beanie was purchased over aliexpress and jewelry were made by muah. 

In these photos, we brought our own take to streetstyle. To me, streetstyle is all about a laid back feel, being uber comfy  and with a touch of edge. In one way or another, we brought that to the table, but the difference is uncanning! Style is an amazing thing that has no end or limitation with a gazillion (yes, I consider that a number) interpretations. 

And, of course, do not forget to check these lovely ladies out!

Beanie - $3.50
Top - $6
Pants - $5
Heels - $17
Jewelry - DIY
Total $31.50

 {Beanie} Aliexpress | {Top} DTLA Fashion District | {Pants} HauteLook Sample Sale | {Heels} Michael Antonio via HauteLook | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset


Neon - DTLA Pt.1

The pictures above were the epitome of this past Sunday. It was full of smiles and laughter (even if it was forced and awkward at times).  New friends were made and great photos were taken. 

It was great to see the different interpretation of a certain style from each person. For these photos, we chose neon as the common ground, and this is what happened. There is no denying our styles are very different, but in a sense, it sorta worked in these photos. Whether you agree or not, it was fun working with these fabulous bloggers. Come to think of it, I believe this is my first collaboration EVER. Crazy to think, but I hope there is more to come. 

Don't forget to check out these pretty ladies!

Tank - $5
Pants - $15
Shoes - $15
Leaf Bracelet - $10
Jewelry - DIY
Total $45

{Tank} Ross | {Pants} Pink Basis | {Shoes} Korea | {Leaf Bracelet} Rose Bowl Flea Market | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset


Cats Cats Cats!

Cats Cats Cats!

So. It is not a secret that I am a lover of cats. You all have met my Mew, and boy do I love her! 

I have to admit... my cat printed clothes and accessories have been growing quite a bit this past year. And there is no end in sight! I am far from complaining because I cannot get enough of it, so keep them coming designers! The cat motif trend is a strong one that I believe will be around for another year.

Here are a few cat items I would love to add to my possession :)

Let me know what trend you are loving these days!

<3 Amy


Bean Boozled Challenge

In need of a Monday laugh to get your day going? Watch me and my friend, Sarah, take on the Bean Boozled Challenge below! 

Check out the video for an explanation on what the Bean Boozled Challenge is, and I hope this inspires you to take on the challenge as well! :P

WARNING: Video contains open mouth chewing, jelly bean spitting, and gagging noises. If you are sensitive to this (which I am not...), please do not watch for your own good!


Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everybody!

It is a great great day with beautiful weather, and what's even better? It's a national holiday with a pay day off! Can I get a "woot woot!"? It is Friday, and I am currently laying in the comfort of my bed, which I hope the rest of you are too! 

Having a rare Friday off, I have decided to get this blog post out to y'all and run some errands. Then I will be joining my family for a mini potluck and enjoying some city fireworks. I would love to hear what traditions or plans you have for 4th of July. :)

Loving this jumpsuit that I recently purchased at Ross. It was on sale, so I got it for an even better deal! I thought it would be perfect for 4th of July since it represents our red, white, and blue so clearly. Another thing I love about this jumpsuit is that it is not an "in your face" AMMURRICA piece. I can wear this jumpsuit any other day of the year because of the print, and it would not scream America (although, there is nothing wrong with that).  Yay for versatility!

Sunnies $15
Romper $9
Sandals $10
Jewelry DIY
Total $35


Got photobombed by the friendliest stray dog!
{Jumpsuit} Ross | {Sandals} Reflections | {Sunnies} My Poshmark | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

Photography by Cindy L. Huang


Sunglasses Collection

So, in lieu of National Sunglasses Day, I share with you my sunglasses collection. Instead of a typical boring post, I thought I would bring in a very special someone to  help amp it up (with cuteness of course). He is just the cutest, and I die seeing him in sunglasses. He was a huge sport, and actually really loved wearing these sunglasses. We literally took all these shots in less than 5 minutes. Such a natural!

My sunglasses collection is not grand, what-so-ever, but I thought I would share anyhow. I gravitate towards really affordable sunglasses because I am unbelievably careless with them. It would break my heart if I purchased an expensive one, and it got banged up. I tend to just throw the sunglasses straight into my purse, backpack, or pocket, where it seems to fall out all the time... I suppose I am careless with them because of the price, which is a win-win situation if you ask me! 

I have my eye on a few other styles right now, and I cannot wait to purchase them for the summer! Sunglasses are one of the best accessories! It can really change/jazz up an outfit you are wearing. For example, big, round lenses for drama, cat-eye for a retro feel, ray-ban for the effortless cool look, or aviators for an 80's laid back aura. What kind of sunnies are you feeling this summer?

Let's begin with the cuteness overload!

Introducing... my adorable nephew (one of many) Jarett!

1. Cotton On - Diva

2. Flea Market - Eclectic

3. Cotton On - Summer

4. Gifted - Barbie

5. Ebay - Polarized

6. H&M - Drama

7. Nordstrom - Clubmaster

8. Raybans (Gifted) - Classic

9. Forever 21 - Studded

If Jarett could speak, he would say... Hope you enjoyed this post and bye-bye!

Have a great weekend from us to you! :)