Flashy Pants

Shall we have a dance party? It only seems appropriate with my flashhyyyyy panntssss on. :)

Got these babies a few months ago at Foreign Exchange for either $10 or $15. Cannot seem to remember the exact cost, but it was a great deal seeing as they are amazingly comfy and dress up any outfit. I need more of these pants in my life! If you see any out in the market at an affordable cost, let me know. Please and thank you! <3

Sunnies - $10
Top - $1
Bottoms - $15
Heels - $17
Jewelry - Free
Total $43


{Sunnies} H&M | {Top} Zara - Thrifted | {Pants} Foreign Exchange | {Heels} Michael Antonio via Hautelook | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

Love At First Sight

It was love at first sight two weeks ago. I have been patiently waiting and deciding, while you tease me Steve Madden. They have been on my mind ever since you posted that first image of the STS. They are perfectly sexy and classy at the same time with the combination of the lace-up vamp and pointed toe! 

I'm not the type of person to splurge on anything (Sorry if $130 is not considered splurging for you). I always separate myself from the item, and think about it for a while until 1. I forget about it, or 2. Wait for it to go on sale and purchase. I am a very logical shopper, if that makes any sense. I think about the cost and practicality. If there is an item that I like, and know I won't or can't necessarily wear all the time, then the price will indicate whether I will purchase or not. If it is expensive, then I'll pass, but if the price is really low, then I'll purchase. If there is an item that I love that costs $130, like these shoes, if I can conclude that I will wear them religiously, then I would get them. It's sort of a math equation. Unfortunately, these heels are not everyday heels - although, some of you may argue about that. So, that is the reason I have yet to purchase them for pre-order.

The waiting game shall begin. I even saved that above image onto my phone to stare at from time to time... I know some of you ladies would do the same! Or at least I hope. I may be alone in the world on that one. :X 

Just needed to finish my rant on this ridiculously gorgeous and sexy heel! Can someone please purchase, so I can live vicariously through you? Would love to see images on how you style them as well! :)

You can purchase them  here.


Poshmark Spring Fling Event - iPhone Photo Diary

Happy Sunday! Just writing a quick recap of the Poshmark event I attended a few days ago. When I found out Poshmark was having an event in Los Angeles, I could not have been more floored. I am a major Poshmarker (mostly just searching for great deals, rather than selling) and thought this would be a great way to interact with other Poshmarkers. I definitely need to up my Poshmark game by adding more items, and promoting more. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to interact with others, but did get to enjoy watching people meet for the first time in person, after interacting through Poshmark. It's interesting to see how Poshmark not only helps you find great deals, but how they bring people with similar taste together. Everybody was extra chipper and excited to meet one another. 

Highlight of the night - Meeting Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes.

Now for the negative remarks (all constructive of course)... It was a great, joyful event, however, it was slightly unorganized. When it was time to welcome the co-hosts for the event and the "fashion" show/contest, no one could see one bit. A small circle was formed around the co-hosts, and if you were not in the front row then you could not see a thing. I saw people in the back climb over chairs and pianos, just to try to sneak a peek and get involved in the mini fashion show. Another thing, and probably the biggest thing, no one could hear a thing. A mic was being used, but the music at the event was kept on, so you could not hear past it. Most people at the bar had no clue it had even begun because they could not hear. Towards the end, I saw some start to trickle in, once they did see a circle, and assumed something was going on. Lastly, if outfits were presented, lighting would have helped a bunch!

Now, for the blurry iPhone pictures :)

Free alcohol is always great at an event! CGWong loved this drink. Haha

Selfie of the night.

The mini circle of darkness. Could not see/hear one bit and I was only a few feet away.

Gorgeous light fixture.

Cute picture station with props! :)

Dinner at Morton's afterwards, where we met a hilarious waiter named TJ.

{Top} Gifted | {Pants} Thrifted | {Heels} Michael Antonio via HauteLook | {Glasses} RayBans | {Necklace} thecomelycloset

Top - Free
Pants - $1
Heels - $17
Necklace - Handmade
Total $18


Thrifting Haul - Ramen Festival 2014

Please disregard my messy yard. :)

As I mentioned in my previous Ramen Festival post, there was a mini flea market going on at the event as well! I was overwhelmed by how many mint condition items, and name brand clothing that the vendors were selling. Also, the flea market prices were unreal! You'll see what I mean as you scroll down and see the prices. I would have bought so much more if I had more cash on me. I spent all of my friends' cash trying to get my thrift on - thank you friends! 

All week I have been wearing all my thrifted finds, and it feels amazing to wear such great pieces at such an affordable price - extremely rewarding! Check out the outfit I put together with my thrifted finds. You'll love the prices. More of this outfit at the end of the post.

Total spent on my thrifted finds? $23.

Top - $1.50
Pants - $1
Heels - $17
Sunnies - $10
Total $29.50
 Joyrich Tee $1.50

Cotton On Top $1.50

One sleeve top $1 (I need to iron this baby!)

Zara Shirt $1.50

Japanese brand pants $1 - My favorite find!

F21 Skirt $5 (Mint condition)

Plaid Shirt $1.50

Printed Dress $5 - I shrunk it in the wash :(

Cozy Cardigan $3 - I've been wearing this everyday!

 $23 for 9 items = ~$2.50 per item :)



Ramen Festival Yokocho 2014 - iPhone Photo Diary

Good morning! I'm in a pretty good mood at the moment, and hopefully this carries on throughout the week! This past Saturday, I attended the Ramen Festival Yokocho. I first learned the existence of the Ramen Festival last year through my brother. If you know me, you know that I love my ramen! I've had a love affair with ramen for about a year now, although I am glad to say it is slowing down. I would consistently eat ramen 1-3 times a week, and other soup based noodles as well. It was a bit excessive if you asked me, but the tummy gets what the tummy wants :P 

I was extremely excited when I heard they were holding this year's Ramen Festival at the Santa Anita Park, which is a 15 minute drive from my home. I got there a bit after the doors opened because I heard about the horrid lines last year. It was a great idea if you asked me. I was able to try 5 different ramens, with our divide and conquer tactics. Also, I guess it was Japanese Family Day, so there were lots of other activities and booths, including a mini flea market. I scored big at the flea market, and ended up spending all my cash, including all my friend's cash as well.. :) Post coming soon with my goodies!

Below are a few pictures I took with my iPhone, so I could share a bit of it with you. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of all the ramen, nor do I completely know the names of the places I tried, which is a total fail. BUT, I still hope you enjoy the random images! Have a happy week lovelies! <3

First ramen of the day, Menoh! Tried the soy sauce based ramen, and it wasn't so bad.

Stood in the longest line ever under the beating sun, so snacking on this Dipping Dots was a life saver.

They finished up in their lines, and came to join me for the longest line of them all.

Niece went to explore and came back with some Takoyaki! NOMS!

Exhaustion hit.

Finally reached the point where we could see Tastunoya (the most anticipated ramen from Japan).

Although efforts were made, we were still sunburned. :(

Almost there and delusional selfie!

Waited 2.5 hours for this bowl of Tastunoya Ramen! Pretty good, but I personally enjoy cream based ramen more, hence the not "amazing" rating.

The crew pledging allegiance to the flag.

{Sunnies} H&M | {Sweater} Gifted | {Shorts} Pink Basis | {Shoes} Gifted | {Bag} Ross | {Jewelry} thecomelycoset


Strange And I Love It.


Descanso Gardens 2014 Part 2

As I previously mentioned, we took about 400 pictures this day. So you can imagine how many crazy and hilarious pictures we had, but I had to choose only a handful. Hopefully, I filtered through and chose the ones that most accurately describes our day and friendship. Enjoy lovelies :)

By the way, excuse the photoshopped flowers at the end. It just had to be done.Thank you!


My photography using CGWong's camera, of course.

Teaching CGWong how to hair flip :3

Unleash the cray.