Cats Cats Cats!

Cats Cats Cats!

So. It is not a secret that I am a lover of cats. You all have met my Mew, and boy do I love her! 

I have to admit... my cat printed clothes and accessories have been growing quite a bit this past year. And there is no end in sight! I am far from complaining because I cannot get enough of it, so keep them coming designers! The cat motif trend is a strong one that I believe will be around for another year.

Here are a few cat items I would love to add to my possession :)

Let me know what trend you are loving these days!

<3 Amy


Bean Boozled Challenge

In need of a Monday laugh to get your day going? Watch me and my friend, Sarah, take on the Bean Boozled Challenge below! 

Check out the video for an explanation on what the Bean Boozled Challenge is, and I hope this inspires you to take on the challenge as well! :P

WARNING: Video contains open mouth chewing, jelly bean spitting, and gagging noises. If you are sensitive to this (which I am not...), please do not watch for your own good!


Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everybody!

It is a great great day with beautiful weather, and what's even better? It's a national holiday with a pay day off! Can I get a "woot woot!"? It is Friday, and I am currently laying in the comfort of my bed, which I hope the rest of you are too! 

Having a rare Friday off, I have decided to get this blog post out to y'all and run some errands. Then I will be joining my family for a mini potluck and enjoying some city fireworks. I would love to hear what traditions or plans you have for 4th of July. :)

Loving this jumpsuit that I recently purchased at Ross. It was on sale, so I got it for an even better deal! I thought it would be perfect for 4th of July since it represents our red, white, and blue so clearly. Another thing I love about this jumpsuit is that it is not an "in your face" AMMURRICA piece. I can wear this jumpsuit any other day of the year because of the print, and it would not scream America (although, there is nothing wrong with that).  Yay for versatility!

Sunnies $15
Romper $9
Sandals $10
Jewelry DIY
Total $35


Got photobombed by the friendliest stray dog!
{Jumpsuit} Ross | {Sandals} Reflections | {Sunnies} My Poshmark | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

Photography by Cindy L. Huang


Sunglasses Collection

So, in lieu of National Sunglasses Day, I share with you my sunglasses collection. Instead of a typical boring post, I thought I would bring in a very special someone to  help amp it up (with cuteness of course). He is just the cutest, and I die seeing him in sunglasses. He was a huge sport, and actually really loved wearing these sunglasses. We literally took all these shots in less than 5 minutes. Such a natural!

My sunglasses collection is not grand, what-so-ever, but I thought I would share anyhow. I gravitate towards really affordable sunglasses because I am unbelievably careless with them. It would break my heart if I purchased an expensive one, and it got banged up. I tend to just throw the sunglasses straight into my purse, backpack, or pocket, where it seems to fall out all the time... I suppose I am careless with them because of the price, which is a win-win situation if you ask me! 

I have my eye on a few other styles right now, and I cannot wait to purchase them for the summer! Sunglasses are one of the best accessories! It can really change/jazz up an outfit you are wearing. For example, big, round lenses for drama, cat-eye for a retro feel, ray-ban for the effortless cool look, or aviators for an 80's laid back aura. What kind of sunnies are you feeling this summer?

Let's begin with the cuteness overload!

Introducing... my adorable nephew (one of many) Jarett!

1. Cotton On - Diva

2. Flea Market - Eclectic

3. Cotton On - Summer

4. Gifted - Barbie

5. Ebay - Polarized

6. H&M - Drama

7. Nordstrom - Clubmaster

8. Raybans (Gifted) - Classic

9. Forever 21 - Studded

If Jarett could speak, he would say... Hope you enjoyed this post and bye-bye!

Have a great weekend from us to you! :)


Eye of the Beholder

Obsessed. This dress is perfect. I have to say this dress is right up my style alley. It has a kooky print, it is shapeless, in a pretty pastel blue, and a nice short length. All things I love. Only POTENTIAL problem I have with it... I'm expecting it's impending shrinkage. I have quite a long torso, so dresses tend to shrink and no longer am wearable for me. I mean, yeah, I could do all things possible to make this dress stay this length, but in reality, with my lazy ass, probably won't last for long. :X

Back to the dress, it is in a nice lightweight material that does not cling to the body, and a full line zipper in the back. This dress is courtesy of Choies, and if you want it, click here.

The dress is a knock off of Zara, but with all honesty, I <3 knock-offs. It is the best way to enjoy fashion, and experimenting with your own style on a budget. That is what fashion is all about anyways - getting inspiration from one thing, and making your own out of it. Like I have said previously, fashion starts at the top of the high-fashion food chain, and slowly trickles down to what we see now in stores and on the streets (but at a more obtainable cost).

 {Hat} Foreign Exchange - Gifted | {Dress} Choies | {Sunnies} Flea Market | {Necklace} Flea Market | {Wedges} Pink Basis | {Bracelets} thecomelycloset


Summer Rompers

Hellooo romper season!

It is quite toasty here in sunny Los Angeles, and I cannot imagine fighting this heat without a few rompers on hand. Below are my top romper picks from Choies. Let me know if you have been rocking any rompers as of late, and definitely link me. :)

Envision this with me. You and your friends plan a cute picnic at a local park. You guys have your basket full of yums and a cute plaid blanket to place right under that tree with plenty of shade. Now what kind of romper do you see yourself in? Well, for me, I immediately imagine something floral, and easy breezy. Slip this floral number on, and you are good to frolick, do cartwheels, and just lounge comfortably at the park. Isn't this what you envisioned?? I know, I am that good.

Get it here.

Next, up! Imagine you have a date later on that warm summer night. You want to feel sexy, but still look sleek and modest. Lace is always an easy way to add some subtle sexiness to an outfit. Also, wearing crisp, white ensembles at night is just simply chic, in my opinion. And this white romper is exactly what I would have in mind for a date night. What's even better? It can be dressed up or down with your favorite flat or heel, and accessories!

 Get it here.

For a few more romper ideas, go here. They are all on sale at the moment, so take advantage! Hoped you all enjoyed my cheesy scenarios! Cause I <3 Cheese.

Have a great one Lovelies!

Sneak Peek! Just got this Choies baby in the mail, and I cannot wait to style it!

*All posts are my own opinions and writing.


DIY Sunday - Daisy Trim Tank

This has been a project that I have been wanting to do for the past few months now, and I finally got to do it! The fashion world has been slowly presenting us daisy trim clothing, from pocket trims on distressed shorts to necklines on tanks! I have been loving all the clothes, but was unwilling to purchase them for their price, so that is when I decided to make it myself at half the cost.

I purchased my daisy trim at Joann's fabric store. The daisy trim was a lot more than I expected (~$7.50/yard), but I had a 40% off coupon which knocked it down to almost half price. SCORE! I am pretty confident you can locate any other trim online or at your local fabric market for a great price, so do not feel like you have to purchase the exact one I did. I also did not have a tank that I was interested in upgrading, so I went to goodwill and picked up this practically new lace tank for $4, but again, you can use any tank you have in your closet. :)

It only takes approximately 5-10 minutes, unless you are a fast gluer, then it will be much faster than that! This tutorial is extremely easy and self explanatory, so feel free to skip all the jargon below and just get inspired!

What you need:
1. Tank 2. Trim 3. Scissors 4. Glue Gun
(This particular tank required exactly 2 yards of trim)

Step 1:
This step is totally not necessary, but if you are a messy gluer, use a paper/cardboard to separate the front from the back, so you do not end up gluing your tank together!

Step 2:
Start gluing! This particular trim was perfect. I just dot hot glue to the center of each daisy, and pressed onto the trim section of the tank for 2 seconds. To make it easier, I would suggest cutting sections of the trim, so you do not have to work from an entire roll, and potentially tangling it all up. Another suggestion is to glue 2-3 daisies before pressing it down to speed up the process.

Step 3:
 Decide on whether you want to completely cover the neckline and arm area, or stop here - they are both equally cute! And BAM! ALL DONE! 

Final Product:

Did I not mention that was ridiculously easy...? Please feel free to ask any questions, or even better, link me to your DIYs! I would love to see them. :)